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Is Shipping in Bulk Cheaper?


Bulk Shipping B2B Packages Saves Time and Money Compared to Drop-Shipping

Businesses of all sizes and industries depend on having an efficient shipping system to deliver goods to distributors, partners, franchise locations, sales representatives, and other B2B recipients. This can easily get costly and time-consuming with so many packages coming in and going out. As an alternative to drop shipping, bulk shipping has become popular among businesses looking to streamline the shipping process. Bulk shipping is packing orders and sending them in greater quantities as opposed to dropping, which involves processing shipments as soon as requests are received. We’ll talk about how this can ultimately save your company money and time in this blog post.

How many packages are shipped in bulk?

Bulk shipping is the practice of dispatching many packages at once. This may involve as few as twelve or as many as several hundred. There might be particular weight and size restrictions for large shipments, depending on the mail service or professional courier you are using. It’s crucial to confirm in advance that your packages can be sent in bulk with your providing partner.

Bulk shipping can cut down on labor and time requirements.

Handling each package as it arrives can easily become a laborious task. An interruption to your workflow occurs when you have to stop what you are doing to prepare a shipment. You can process and package multiple orders at once with bulk shipping, which saves labor and time. You can plan one bulk shipment to be sent out at the end of each day or week, as opposed to several shipments throughout the day. This not only speeds up the shipping process but also frees up staff members to work on other crucial projects.

You Can Reduce Your Shipping Costs by Using Bulk Shipping

Shipping can get very expensive, especially for large and heavy items. You can reduce the cost of shipping by sending them out in large quantities. Multiple packages can be combined into a single shipment, which can lead to less overall weight, fewer boxes overall, and more effective packing materials. Over time, these financial savings can mount up, particularly for companies whose regular operations include shipping

Reduce the Number of Errors

One more benefit of shipping in bulk is that it can reduce mistakes. Errors are more likely to occur when processing and shipping several separate packages. This can result in the shipment of the wrong orders or the omission of crucial shipping information. Since all of the orders are processed at once, there is less opportunity for error when packages are bundled and sent together.

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries can rely on Boxleo Courier for shipping, warehousing, distribution, and asset recovery services. Since we recognize the value of timely and economical shipping, we can assist you in developing a unique bulk shipping strategy that meets your company’s requirements. Please contact us via call or fill out our online quote request form to find out more about our offerings and to obtain a free quote!

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