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Courier & Fulfillment Services Kenya

You can count on us as a seasoned provider of logistics services to guarantee hassle-free courier & fulfillment services for your e-commerce deliveries. Due to the fact that we are a technology-driven firm, we have implemented intelligence-backed automations and data sciences, allowing us to fulfil the rapidly expanding demand for high-quality and quick logistics services from large, medium, and small online businesses. To keep ahead of the curve, we also use artificial intelligence and machine learning to estimate order volumes, decode addresses that aren't organized, schedule deliveries based on previous deliveries, and other tasks.

We collect products from your warehouse or from your suppliers directly, process each order, stock each product with a unique barcode, and then ship them for delivery. You can process an endless amount of shipments since you can control all of your marketplaces and shipping nations with a single client module or integration. With just one API interface, we assist your online retailers in delivering orders as cost-competitively as possible compared to powerful regional competitors. Real-time tracking of your shipments is available by nation. Your clients can send packages to a local address where we process returns for undelivered and/or refused shipments for a reasonable fee.

Storage Solutions in Kenya

We provide a range of industrial storage tools at Boxleo. We genuinely have a solution for every square foot, from our straightforward options to our specialized services. We offer a solution for all of your demands, including battling ongoing labor cost rises and needing to store materials in an earthquake-prone area. Find out more about our straightforward, dense, picking, and specialized solutions to learn how we can tailor a strategy to your facility's continuing requirements.

By cutting the time it takes to complete orders and by making the most use of all available resources, businesses that significantly rely on intelligent storage solutions for their business operations may become robust, agile, and reliable. With its innovative warehouse racking system, clever designs, and extensive project management expertise, SSIPL assists businesses in doing just that.

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