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Warehousing Service

Your Warehouse for Our Commitments!

Boxleo has in offer a comprehensive and varied solutions for our customers as far as warehousing services is also concerned. Warehousing services is a very essential service that our logistics partner look for. We at Boxleo also offer this service for our customers. While delivering consignments, it can be tricky if customers request for extended delivery date at the last minute. Also, it can be a request from customers for storage of goods beforehand. So, there are many challenges a logistics company like Boxleo must face. But Boxleo with strategically placed warehousing locations and technological know-how, keeps its customers in a comfort zone all throughout the journey. We understand this service is a challenge in itself to handle and is quite difficult and full of hassles. So, Boxleo is ready to serve you with its excellent and robust warehousing service. We thus have come up with this service to serve our customers in Tanzania region.

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We have proven ourselves in Kenya region already. We have following features as far as warehousing services are concerned:

  • Our strategically placed warehouses which optimizes and minimizes cost and thus our happy customers
  • Robust consignment tracking system specially designed for our customers to know the location of their goods
  • Competitive prices in offer which cannot be ignored
  • Flexible timelines for which the storage can be done especially in terms of minimum and maximum duration
  • All facilities for cold or warm storage. Excellent state of the art temperature and ambient controlled storage facility
  • Provision of bulk storage
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Automation
  • 24 hours a day and 7 days a week operation for our customers. This increases efficiency and effectiveness for our customers
  • Customized solutions as per the needs and requirements of our customers

As already mentioned above, we offer bulk storage as well and we have a variety of features especially in terms of technology. Technology increase effectiveness and efficiency which would eventually benefit our customers. Due to this, finally, the prices become competitive. We also have in offer a gamut of customized solutions in offer. We are highly flexible in this which makes our solutions even more competitive. Thus, we are proven leaders in the area of warehousing services in the region. So, with these features and offers, you can easily trust on us and let us serve you with pride.

How it's Possible

Efficiency and effectiveness of Boxleo is such that one often would question that how is this possible. The answer is our team, our attitude and customer first approach. We have a very talented team of individuals who work day in and out just for our customers. This attitude is only possible because we believe in keeping customers first in every step. Our team is highly trained with precise effectiveness so that they are ready to have a go at providing services to our customers. This all may seem difficult but this has been ingrained so perfectly in us that it has become natural for us.

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