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Ecommerce Order & Product Fulfillment Centre in Kenya, Uganda

About Us

Africa's delivery needs have been met by Boxleo Courier & Fulfillment Services with excellence, accuracy, and welcoming service.

Courier & Fulfillment Services.

When it comes to a complete logistics solution in Kenya, Uganda or Tanzania, you will hear a common milestone and that is Boxleo. Our excellent state of the art services has made us the leader in the region. Boxleo Courier and Fulfillment services was started in 2019 with a clear and concise to render precise and excellent logistics, storage and order fulfillment services. Now, we can coast that we have even gone few steps ahead then our aim in 2019. Our aim is to have active presence in Africa and eventually all across the globe and we are in the path already. We have expanded to Tanzania and Uganda from where we started in Kenya.

Ecommerce Order and Product Fulfillment in Kenya & Uganda

We or Boxleo have already set precedent in the business and operations of courier and logistics. We have already proven this by imparting excellent services to our customers. We can be considered as a revolution in the industry as we have provided what customers want at competitive prices and brilliant speed of delivery. We are currently rendering our services in Kenya and have expanded to Tanzania and Uganda too. This expansion is a consequence of the admirable and exceptional services we have provided to our customers. We are a proven service provider in the region and a leader as logistics service provider. We basically specialize in courier and fulfillment services. Our 24/7 dispatch team utilize our state-of-the-art technology, are always in constant touch with our drivers so that we can provide latest updates to our end customers. This as a whole enhances customer experience and thus helps us build customer loyalty and a very positive word of mouth. This is what keeps us going and thus have expanded to other countries in the region.

Order Fulfillment Centre in Kenya & Uganda

We at Boxleo offer world class services and our customers can choose from a plethora of them. Each services offered by us is meticulously taken care of so that our customers receive a world class experience with each service when associated with us. As already mentioned, the backbone of the services which we provide to our end customers is use of latest technology that we use in each and every step. So, we easily can render what our customers need with world class facility and options. When our customers contact us requesting for any services, we concentrate on the service so that the customer receives full attention with precision. Our responsibility in logistics lies right from taking the inquiry till the delivery of the service till last level when the end customer receives the consignment.

Everything that we have mentioned above is true and all this could not have been or will not be possible without our team who work 24/7 to serve our customers. Our team is well versed and aligned with our mission and vision and this is what makes life of Boxleo a lot easy. Our team right from the delivery boys till at the management level all work for the fulfillment for our customers. This has resulted in giving Boxleo the fillip to expand to other two countries namely Uganda and Tanzania apart from Kenya. Our team is hired and well trained in each and every aspect of order fulfillment, cash on delivery, warehousing services, ecommerce packaging services, express courier, medical courier and other various logistics know how. Our team knows the expectations of the customers as they are locally hired. Our team understands our local customers, and this makes it easier for them to serve.

Our Core Values

We Mean What We Say

We stick to our word and do what we promise.

Honesty Always

This is one of our important core values. We believe in honest dealings.


We believe that we need to care for our people be it our staff or our customers.

Quality, friendly service

We aspire for rendering quality service which is friendly in nature.


We desire to grow ahead and big with help from technology as it allows us to scale our operations and enhance customer experience. This way we can stay ahead in competition and always look for ways to improve. For example: We started with paper orders and phone calls, but we now offer online order entry and delivery tracking.


At Boxleo Courier and Fulfillment Services, we strive to respect all religions in everything we do and with respect to all the people we deal with.



We have been established with an aim to set up a standard and world class courier and delivery services firm that makes available a wide range of services and products as per industry standards across Kenya and other places across the world where we intend to operate from. Our vision is to have an active presence all over Africa and across the globe.



Establish a standard and world – class courier and delivery services company that will make available a wide range of services and products as it relates to the service offerings in the global courier and delivery services industry at affordable prices to the residence of Kenya, and other locations in the globe where we intend operating from.



Build a courier and delivery service company that will have active presence all over Africa and the globe.


As a customer, you can imagine what your overall experience would be, if you are associated with Boxleo. Our services would be a blend of excellent people or employees with brilliant skill set, cutting edge technology, customer friendly mission and vision and honest core values. We believe we can work wonders if we possess these characteristics as a logistics providing company. This blend can never be ignored by our customers and thus would pull you towards us. The eventual experience would be excellent for you.

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