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Strategic Pricing

Strategic Pricing

Pricing in any business is the most strategic factor that decides whether the business will sustain and grow. Similarly, in eCommerce business, pricing becomes a very critical process which differentiates you from your competitors.

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We at Boxleo take care of all the hassles from you when it comes to order fulfillment. You tell us where and when the product is to be shipped and we allow you to sit back and relax as the consignment gets delivered at your target location in time with precision and with complete care. Boxleo has been delivering to its customers at Kenya for a long time since inception. When it comes to order fulfillment, we specialize in taking orders, arranging the logistics and delivering to the end customer. We have plethora of services that we offer to our customers in order fulfillment. We have features like consignment tracking so that our customers can know at any time the location of their consignment. The tracking is real time, and this ensures our customers feel at safe hands till the delivery is done. We offer various modes of transports as well as per the required speed of delivery. We completely understand that how critical the order fulfillment process can be for your business. So, come and choose us by being our partners rather than just the customers. When it comes to order fulfillment, it is us that the customers think of when trying to avail the services.

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All the pricing strategies and solutions provided by Boxleo have been mentioned already in this section. So, the question that looms large is how is this possible. This is possible because of the following reasons:

  • Rich and proven experience since inception
  • Successfully served numerous customers
  • Customer first approach
  • Expert team of experts spanning from financial professionals to managers
  • Culture to know our customers well
  • Attitude of team to learn from experience

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If you are in search of an organization who is devoted to providing excellent and competitive prices for you, you can join us without any qualms. All the logistics operations are taken care of by us with customized pricing for you as per the business needs and size of your business. We take care of all the requirements and come up with specific and competitive prices for you. So, you can join us without any doubt so that we can establish long term relationship. We always believe in striking partnership rather than just relationship between customer and provider. So, let us serve you and we will work wonders for you.

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