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Order Fulfillment

Ecommerce Drop Shipping In Kenya

Boxleo started its operations in Kenya region and has been successfully serving its clients since inception. We at Boxleo take care of all the hassles our customers would be facing if all the logistic operations are carried out by themselves. Order fulfillment in Kenya region has been made easy for the organizations dealing with order fulfillment or be it most of the business. We totally understand that in any business where our customers serve their customers have to go through the order fulfillment phase. Hence, this activity becomes highly critical for the organizations. Order fulfillment refers to the activities involving after taking of the order. Basically, it comprises of shipping, tracking of consignments, packaging and finally delivering if the goods. So, it is paramount in this activity to let know the customers where their goods are at any given point of time. Hence, we have come up with the facility or rather call it a feature called real time consignment tracking. We have in offer plethora of features and facilities for our clients, which makes order fulfillment for you very easy and comfortable. Another remarkable feature is that the clients are able to choose the speed of delivery as per their need. So, to accommodate that, we have in offer various modes of transport for delivery.

Promised quality service

Ecommerce Courier In Kenya

We also specialize in providing ecommerce order fulfillment services. We, being experts at providing order fulfillment services offer you world class services in Kenya region. We have a rich experience in order fulfilment and bring to you all the rich experience. We are a trusted company who can be completely trusted for all your ecommerce fulfillment needs. For an ecommerce business, it becomes imperative to focus on growing your business rather than being stuck with fulfillment hassles. We have all the expertise and resources to take care of your ecommerce fulfillment needs. Extensive use of technology has brought us a long way and enhances customer experience.

Apart from order fulfillment from stores, we also have in offer order fulfillment for your ecommerce business which is also called as ecommerce fulfillment. We are experts in providing ecommerce fulfillment for our esteemed customers. We boast of our success across the Kenya region is our ability to understand different needs of different customers. Hence, this makes us able to adapt quickly and seamlessly. Our rich experience yields good fruits for the customers as far as the ecommerce fulfillment service is concerned. Like order fulfillment from stores, we have similar features in ecommerce fulfillment which makes our service even more attractive for our customers.

We have numerous satisfied clients we can boast of, and it is a proof of our sublime work. We have a brilliant track record which is visible across the country.

Our Customers

Our Priority

We believe in approach of keeping our customers first at every step helps us to go a long way and it has been so since our inception. Our growth since inception is because of this approach. This approach attracts our numerous partners or customers. We always focus on how we can satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements. This is our unique selling preposition which has led us ahead by a long way. Each team member including all our employees ranging from leaders, managers, operators, support staffs and not to forget our delivery agents, all follow customer centric approach which boosts our brand image. Our team is hired and trained again and again to follow this approach so that it runs in their veins. So, looking for starting your ecommerce business or looking to expand and grow, then come and join us and be partners by allowing us to serve you with world class experience. So, come and let us serve you with enhanced customer experience. This experience will be in your memory forever and will attract to us.

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