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Cash On Delivery

Cash On Delivery in Kenya

In ecommerce business cash on delivery keeps becoming one of the favorite services for the end customers. There are majority of customers who prefer Cash on Delivery over paying upfront on the website through various payment options. Cash on Delivery has proven as a viable and one of the favorite options among the customers. When Cash on Delivery is combined with a proper return mechanism such that customers can readily return if the delivery is unsatisfactory, it becomes a perfect service for your end customers. This enables the customers to be more secure regarding their consignment quality as well. We at Boxleo with rich experience in Kenya, bring to you the best in class Cash on Delivery Service for your customers. Our customers are always in look for this option and thus it has become a compulsion for ecommerce business to have this option for their customers. Thus, we come into your rescue with our specially designed Cash on Delivery options for your customers. So, this mechanism is simple. Let the customers select their goods from your website, let us ship the goods to your customers and let us collect the cash from your customers. It is as easy as it sounds for you. We also have in offer customized solutions of Cash on Delivery as per the size of your business. The prices are thus competitive as per the size of your business.

Delivery without Hassle

Last Mile Delivery in Kenya

It becomes very important for Logistics Company like us to take extra care and the reach should be to the last mile when it comes to Cash on Delivery Service. There could be cases of fraud as well. So, it is imperative for us to be extra careful. But our customers need not worry as our cash in transit insurance covers all and this eventually benefits you. We boast of our robust and viable network which can deliver your consignments to every nook and corner of Kenya. We have delivered in Kenya since inception. This gives us confidence to serve our customers in a very diligent and perfect way. We are leaders in Cash on Delivery as well in the region. Our motto is to serve our customers with complete satisfaction, and this allows us to establish long term relationship with our clients.

We have numerous satisfied clients we can boast of, and it is a proof of our sublime work. We have a brilliant track record which is visible across the country.

To execute every step towards best-in-class service for our customers, it becomes highly imperative to have an expert team and building an expert team is an art and science which Boxleo has perfected. This gives us the needed confidence to make sure that we will serve our customers with utmost quality. This approach of Boxleo exemplifies what we are and how we do things. Our team is hired, trained, and retrained constantly. Our team is well versed with latest changes in technologies and this makes Boxleo’s task easier to embrace change effectively.

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