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Medical Courier

Medical Courier in Kenya

If you are in the business of delivering medical related equipment and goods to your customers and you choose to opt for a third-party logistics, then you need to make sure the associated company understands the medical industry to the core. Only if one totally understands the industry, the courier facility can be provided. This is because this industry is very critical and would decide life or death. So, it is imperative to know for the courier company that it is absolutely essential to adhere to the delivery dates and timings when delivering the medicines or equipment. There could be situations in which one would be required to deliver the consignments in few hours. It is then that we as a medical courier service providers should stand ahead and use all the experience to deliver the goods. Hence, getting associated with Boxleo will put you in an advantageous position because we have all the experience at doing this in Kenya region. We got everything covered in Kenya as we totally know the routes and we have our facilities at strategic locations. The facilities like temperature control and ambience needs to be taken care as various medicines and equipment require different temperatures and storage facility while sending the consignment to the end customer.

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Our Features in Terms of Medical

We at Boxleo have a plenty to offer to our medical clients. They are:

  • Scheduled deliveries: This is straightforward type of delivery that we have for our customers. You let us know your delivery date and we will deliver the consignment at that date.
  • Route deliveries: This is one of our specialities wherein we let the customers customize the delivery routes.
  • Rush or STAT deliveries: This comes into picture when the delivery is life critical, and the consignment needs to be delivered absolutely ASAP.
  • Refrigerated deliveries: There may be certain medicines or related products which require cold storage at certain temperatures. We have this facility while we transport the goods to your end customers.

Our clients range from hospitals, labs, clinics, blood donors, physicians, medical record services to related health organizations. We can boast that we are the best in terms of security. Also, we make sure that the confidentiality of the patients if any will be intact. We also have real time consignment tracking facility for our clients.

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For you as a medical service provider, there are plethora of options to choose from in terms of medical courier services. So, what are the things that set us apart so that you choose us. There are plenty. Our rich and long experience which is absolutely proven comes first when you out rightly try to narrow down your search. With experience, we are totally equipped to handle any situations that may arise when delivering the critical products to your clients. We adhere to latest in technology and have facilities like real time consignment tracking for you to be assured at every moment. There are many things that set us apart and our approach of customer first really puts us in front when it comes to medical courier.

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