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Express Courier

Express Courier in Tanzania

With our grand success at providing express courier service in Kenya, we have arrived in Tanzania and continue to serve the customers in this country. When we hear the word “Express Courier”, we understand that something needs to be delivered to a particular destination on an urgent basis. In courier industry, express courier refers to delivering of consignment on the same day. Now, this may look or feel too tight a deadline to meet but unsurprisingly Boxleo is adept at providing this service to it customers. Not only express or immediate but also in a secure and safe manner. We at Boxleo have actually revolutionized how express courier service is dealt with. With our brilliant service at Kenya, we have successfully replicated the same in Tanzania. So, if you are at an eCommerce business and your customers request mostly urgent or immediate deliveries, we are none to next option to choose.

Adding Speed to your Deliveries

How We Do It?

The whole process and execution might seem very simple and easy when we look from our customers’ eyes. But the truth lies in the fact that we have mastered and keep on improving the process and strategy to execute it. For this on the onset, we require branch locations at strategic points so that our reach increases. This is what we have done at Tanzania. So, we are in a position to deliver 1-hour, 2-hour or 4-hour delivery. If we can do this easily and comfortably for our customers, then there is going to be no hurdle for us to be chosen by existing as well as new clients. Express courier service has nowadays become very essential service for eCommerce business these days. We have various services we provide from which our customers can choose:

  • On demand delivery service: This is as we mentioned above. 1-hour, 2-hour and 4-hour service
  • Scheduled/ routed delivery services: In this a customized solution is provided as per the route for the customers.
  • Out of town and exclusive use service
  • Overnight/ next day distribution

Even in an express courier delivery, we offer services like real time traceability of the consignments for our customers. The biggest asset and the reason behind the success of our express delivery is our team of experts who work 24/7 for our customers with a single objective to deliver the goods of customers in a safe, secure, and precise manner with on time delivery.

One Stop Solution

With all these services and solutions, we have proven ourselves to be a one stop solution for express delivery as well. We have gradually become leader in providing express courier service in Tanzania and related region. The zeal with which our team works for our customers reflects in the smile of our customers that we get to see upon the delivery. We always believe in receiving of feedback from our customers and the feedbacks are encouraging for us so that we can smile and yearn to do even better.

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