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Cash On Delivery

Cash on Delivery in Uganda

You may have understood from the term “Cash on Delivery” or COD, what it means. Cash on Delivery has turned out to be one of the most important service and a popular one among the customers who avail ecommerce business. Hence, the ecommerce business has no option but to incorporate Cash on Delivery service in their repertoire. We at Boxleo have immense and rich experience in providing Cash on Delivery service to ecommerce business so that they can support their end customers in Kenya. So, we are excited to bring in the same and even more improved Cash on Delivery service in Uganda. We at Boxleo, take care of all the related and relevant aspects as far as Cash on Delivery is concerned. So, you just need to take orders and then let us deliver it. If there is Cash on Delivery option availed by your customer, we will completely take care of it.

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Last Mile Delivery in Uganda

We at Boxleo boast of our Cash on Delivery service because we have all the expertise to take care of all the risks involved. Yes, in Cash on Delivery, there are risks of fraud. But with our long experience, we understand all of it and make sure our customers who have ecommerce business to run, are safe and secure as far as financial risks are concerned. We have in offer for our customers having ecommerce business the service of real time tracking. This enables and empowers our customers to make sure they are in control even if all the hassles are carried out by us. We also have customized solutions depending on the size of your business. Our prices for you are competitive. This is possible for us because we have scaled up and touched economy of scale.

Hence, we have option to make sure our customers get the advantage too.

Cashless Last

Mile Delivery

We believe in approach of keeping our customers first at every step helps us to go a long way and it has been so since our inception. Our growth since inception is because of this approach. This approach attracts our numerous partners or customers. We always focus on how we can satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements. This is our unique selling preposition which has led us ahead by a long way. Each team member including all our employees ranging from leaders, managers, operators, support staffs and not to forget our delivery agents, all follow customer centric approach which boosts our brand image. Our team is hired and trained again and again to follow this approach so that it runs in their veins. So, looking for starting your ecommerce business or looking to expand and grow, then come and join us and be partners by allowing us to serve you with world class experience. So, come and let us serve you with enhanced customer experience. This experience will be in your memory forever and will attract to us.

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