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Ecommerce Shipping Integration in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

Ecommerce business which seemed easy previously seems to have evolved and become very complex for business owners with evolution of technology and hence the demand of various services by the customers. Technology advancement has also proven to be a blessing for both customers and owners. If we look at it from customers’ perspective, they want easy real time tracking, easy and hassle free returns, delivery notification, real time stock availability pointer, etc.

These are few of the things that can be achieved with integration service which is provided by Boxleo and as you know we are in operations in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania region. In the present time, customers in Ecommerce business want to be in control over their goods and consignment right from the time they inquire or order the product. They want notifications like order confirmation, delivery confirmation, dispatch time and to be delivered dates. So, it has become very imperative for Ecommerce companies to be in line ahead at the times of evolution of technology to provide these facilities to the customers without which it would be difficult to survive in the competitive world. We at Boxleo completely take care of all these aspects in your Ecommerce business. We understand what it takes to build a best in class integration services for Ecommerce operations. We boast of this because of our rich and successful experience behind us in terms of providing integration services.

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Ultimate Solution with API Integration

It is highly advisable for eCommerce business owners to delegate all the logistics part in system also with API integration. Our API integration facility comes with the following features:

Customized solutions: We build solutions as per the size of your business and we have competitive prices accordingly.

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Savvy Team

We are able to bring to you these features to you only because of our team of experts. We are a highly able team who look to serve customers to the hilt. Our team is aligned to the latest changes and advancement in technology which proves to be highly effective when providing the integration services to our clients.

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